We have bees!


No, I’m not crazy. I was recently house/pet sitting for a dear friend, and this time, little Mason Bees were part of the gig. They were just starting to hatch and needed to be transported outside once hatched. I started reading about them and read what amazing pollinators they are. I’m all for saving the bees, as well as helping my own fruit trees and blueberry bushes thrive!

As a parting gift, this dear friend sent me home with 9 little cocoons.


We brought them home and immediately ordered a house for them. They are solitary bees, and live in holes usually provided for them by other animals. They do not produce honey. We decided to put their house near our blueberry bushes. Two nights pass and our first baby bee is born. Here’s Harvey:


Doesn’t he look like a hybrid of a bee and a fly? Fascinating. Another day goes by and we saw another one starting to hatch. My husband checked on them when he got home and the way they were positioned, he thought Harvey may have died. He opened the container and said he heard the Barry White blasting. Harvey had gotten himself a girlfriend! Here they are, ready to move into their new home.



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